b. 1975, NY.


John is a visual designer who currently lives in Seattle, Washington. He's been here since 2008, before that he lived in upstate New York—specifically Shortsville, Rochester, and Syracuse—in that order. He graduated from RIT, with a Printing Management degree in 2000, but decided after that, that playing in hardcore and punk bands was a better use of his time. In 2013 he went back to school at Seattle Central Creative Academy where he graduated in 2015. Since then he's spent more time drawing letters on paper with a pencil, drinking coffee, listening to music that makes him happy, raising his daughter with his partner, and moving pixels around for Amazon.

He's always looking for design projects on the side, let's get a cup of coffee and talk.

List of things I can hang with
(in no particular order):

Herb Lubalin
Adobe Illustrator
Making coffee
The Monster Squad
The Smiths
Misfits (til '83)
John Carpenter